voice and spoken word recording

Just "say the word".

We’ve done many, many spoken word projects: audio books, PSA’s, museum tours, inspirational projects, hypnosis and guided meditation projects. So, we can help bring out the best in your voice, on a recording, and we'd enjoy doing it. 

If you're a voice artist, you know that sometimes it's about saying it different. Sometimes it's about saying it faster, or slower, or with more zing, or less zing.

However much zing you or your director thinks you need, it's fine with us! We'll record it, edit it, take out a breath here, put in a consonant there, sweeten the sound -- just "say the word". 

Need music backing tracks? We can add those for you. We'll work with you as needed you until you’ve got the perfect program. It’s easy!

Some of our specialties:

Arranging & Production

Add a little. Add a lot!

Piano Recording

A treat for your ears and fingers.

Backing Tracks For Singers

Custom Made 4U!

Graphics & Web Support

CD design, ads, websites...