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Laying tracks in Santa Fe.

Sounds Good To You!

Desert Heart Recording Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a full service audio production and recording facility specializing in music as well as spoken word & audiobook production.

The Highlights:

  • Our custom built live recording rooms are especially well suited to acoustic instruments and voice. Guitars, strings, woodwinds and vocals all sound especially warm and beautiful in this space. We’ve got a great sounding spot for your drum kit, too!
  • We treat authors, voiceover artists, and book narrators like royalty! More...
  • Two recording rooms plus our control room, all with sight lines, mean we can record everything from a soloist to a live 12 piece Dixieland band – and we have!
  • We use high quality microphones and tube and solid state preamps, and we record digitally. We capture rich, clear audio, with the ability to easily edit and process tracks as needed.
  • Our Yamaha C7 7 foot grand piano has been a favorite of fine local pianists for years, and we keep it well in tune. More...
  • In-house services include recording, music arranging and production. We can add a variety of instruments to your mix via our sample libraries. And if you wish, we can call in top level musicians to support your project, right here in our studio. More...
  • The atmosphere here is relaxed, friendly and supportive. We’re here to help you make your project the best it can be.

Read on to learn more, or give us a call. We'd be glad to discuss your project, hear about what you need, and figure out the best way we can help you get your work done.

Some Of Our Specialties:

Audiobooks • Commercials • Podcasts • Spoken Word

Music Arranging & Production

Add a little. Add a lot!

Piano Recording

A treat for your ears and fingers.