music arranging and production

Bringing Out The Best In Your Music

A Few Examples Of Our Work

If you’re a solo performer or small group and you’d like to add more, we can help! We can build your song from the ground up with just a few instruments, full orchestration, or anything in between. Our music arranging and production skills hold the key.

Do we have some fancy software? Sure we do. But that doesn't count if the musical know-how isn't there. Our award winning staff has years of experience arranging music, bringing in supporting musicians, working with samplers and synthesizers, carefully mixing… and generally making music sound great!

Got your own ideas about how your music should sound? Even better. Let us help you bring the sounds in your head to life! (By "sounds in your head", we don't mean the ringing in your ears. That's something you'll have to work out on your own.)

Some of our specialties:

Piano Recording

A treat for your ears and fingers.

Backing Tracks For Singers

Custom Made 4U!

Voiceover & Spoken Word

Just Sayin'

Graphics & Web Support

CD design, ads, websites...

Arranging & Production

Add a little. Add a lot!