The song Earthtones was recorded here at Desert Heart, and the video was filmed at various locations in Northern New Mexico, Los Angeles, and Wisconsin. Edited at Desert Heart. This video features musicians Willa Roberts (vocals), Max Highstein (keyboards, fretless bass, river glasses), Ed Willett (cello), Jay Rusty Crutcher (standing in for John Yoakum, soprano saxophone), and  Daniel Ward (Spanish guitar). Percussion by Mark Clark.  

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Video has never been as important to your music as it is today. For your music to succeed, it's crucial that you have a presence on social media. So one way or another your music needs to be "seen" and not just heard. 

We can help you realize your dream, from concept to final edit, from simple informal performance pieces, to full blown production. So when you're ready to show the world what you've got, let's talk about your next music video, and see what's possible. 

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