Our Control Room

Here's the story.

Desert Heart Recording Studio is owned and operated by Max Highstein. Max is a musician, composer and spoken word artist. He has been a professional musician since he began singing in bands at 14. He studied jazz and classical piano in college.

Max authored and produced a series of award winning, very popular guided meditation programs that have been in national distribution since 1985. They are even more popular than ever today.

In the 90’s Max composed and recorded instrumental music CDs in Los Angeles that were a mainstay of NAC (“The Wave”) radio for several years. The songs got played and played and played some more. In the process he worked with and recorded some of the world’s finest studio musicians. His music is still played in various formats all over the world. Closer to home, in 2010 he made a vocal music CD that was nominated for 5 NM Music Awards, and won 2.

The Desert Heart Studio was originally one large tracking room (23' X 18', and adjoining a home) built specifically for music recording. Max (and his wife) purchased the home and the studio in 1989, and he added another tracking room and the control room (also 23' X 18'). The Yamaha C7 Grand piano was added shortly afterward.

Max continues to use the studio for his own music and spoken word projects. And he helps other people record theirs, which is perhaps where you come in! He's available to record your project, and if you wish, help with further arranging and production as needed.

The studio has been home to countless projects by:

  • Bands
  • Singers
  • Authors
  • Pianists
  • Jingle Writers
  • String sections
  • New age artists
  • Jazz ensembles
  • Classical musicians
  • Spoken word artists
  • Fancy Hollywood stars
  • Students and professionals making demos

...and weird space beings from other planets channeled by Santa Fe artists.

Everyone is welcome. (Payment in Earth money is appreciated.)

Some of our specialties:

Audiobook Recording • Podcasts • Guided Meditations

Piano Recording

A treat for your ears and fingers.

Music Arranging & Production

Add a little. Add a lot!