piano recording in Santa Fe on our Yamaha C7 grand

Record On A Great Piano

If you’re a pianist, we’re ready for you! Of course you want the piano you record on to sound great, and feel great. The Yamaha C7 grand has long been a recording studio standard, because it meets both criteria in spades. And, it tends to offer a fairly “bright” sound that records especially well.

Piano recording in Santa Fe is easy with our Yamaha grand. It's been a favorite of Santa Fe pianists for about two decades! Maybe you know some of our clients: Doug Montgomery, Bert Dalton, Charles Tichenor, and Russ Walden are just a few of the many fine artists who have recorded here.

How about other keyboards? We have a software based Hammond B3 organ that completely nails the sound, as well as sampled Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and synthesizers of all kinds. Play them all with our beautiful new Native Instruments S88 weighted keyboard, and we can edit your recording as needed. 

Call us to discuss your project, and let us know how we can help you make a beautiful piano recording!

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