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Audiobook Recording & Production for Authors

If you're an author, and want to narrate your own book, we can record you in our comfy studio. It's easy! All you have to do is come in and read. If you'd like direction, we can offer as much or as little as you wish. Then we'll edit as needed and prepare your book for upload to Amazon, ACX, etc.

If you're an author, and want someone else to narrate your book, we have voice artists standing by, ready to do a great job.

And if you're a publisher, and your author or voice artist is here in New Mexico, we're ready to help with your project. Need to direct remotely? We Zoom!


Video Services for Authors, Artists, & Authorities


Filmed in our studio, or on site in your own setting. In-depth video presentations showcase your expertise, and can stimulate interest in you and your work. Here, noted author Ian Baker discusses the philosophy that influenced his book, The Heart Of The World. First we helped Ian format the discussion topics, and then we worked out the set design. Then we filmed the author in our studio, edited, and finally polished the piece by adding titles and music. 


Promote your book with an evocative video book trailer. Live footage, archival film, still images, info-graphics, and voiceover all beautifully combine to showcase your work. Here's a book trailer we made for author and spiritual teacher, Cynthia Jurs. After we recorded her audiobook, we recorded her narration for this piece. Then we utilized a combination of her travel photos and footage, along with stock images and effects. We pulled it all together with careful editing and evocative music.


Talk directly to your audience on camera! Utilize our teleprompter for your script, or deliver your message off-the-cuff. Then we'll edit and supplement your talk with info-graphics, images, and relevant footage. Post your talk on your website or Youtube channel, or build an entire online course. In this short tutorial, author Max Highstein delivers a scripted talk using the teleprompter. Titles, special effects, stock footage, and music keep the piece moving forward nicely. Included are a promotion for Max's audio catalog, and a call to action for Youtube viewers.

Podcast Recording & Editing

Need a professional studio with a pleasant setting to record your podcast? We're set up to record solo podcasts or interview podcasts with multiple guests, as needed. We can edit your program, provide music intros and outros, and format and upload your episodes to your preferred podcast publisher. All you need to do is focus on the content, and we'll handle all the technical aspects for you!

Guided Meditation Recording & Editing

We know our way around guided meditations, possibly more than anyone. Our owner/engineer, Max Highstein, has produced over 100 of them, including some of the best selling of all time. In fact, he literally wrote the book. (The Guided Meditation Handbook, and The Healing Waterfall - 100 Guided Meditation Scripts For Counselors, Healers, & Clergy.) We can record you voicing your own program, or provide talented voice artists for you. English and Spanish readers are available. We'll edit your program for you, and provide background music or sound effects if you need. Talk to us!

Music Backing Tracks

Need music backing tracks? We can add those for you. It’s easy!

Music Tracks


Here's what just a few of our voice recording clients have said about our audiobook recording and editing work, with Max Highstein, the studio owner and engineer, at the helm:

"I hired Max to record my best-selling book. The entire process from start to finish was expertly done. Recording was a total breeze. His friendly, no-nonsense approach helped me relax and bring out my best. But the best part was, he somehow made me sound far better than I thought it would turn out! My publisher was very impressed by his speed, accuracy and attention to detail. When I have another project to publish, I’d hire Max in a heartbeat." Amara Charles | Book Author, Inner Traditions Publishing

"Max is great to work with. Professional, delivers on time and communicates clearly. We’ve had a few authors record with him over the yeas and all spoke highly of the experience.” Mahar Sperling, Special Projects Manager, Inner Traditions * Bear & Company

"Recording a book is hard work, and the conditions under which you do it have to be right. You need gentle guidance from the person running things, a comfortable set-up, the proper sound environment, top-notch equipment, and patience, patience, patience. I found all that and more at Max Hightstein's Desert Heart Recording Studio. I would gladly do another book there." William deBuys, author of The Trail to Kanjiroba: Rediscovering Earth in an Age of Loss

"I hired Max to record the audio recording of my latest book. Max is a pro. He was reliable, professional, technically a Master and very tuned into me as the talent. I am very happy with my recorded book." Rebecca Skeele, Author

"I worked with Max Highstein at Desert Heart Recording Studio for the narration of two books, and each time was a wonderful experience. Max was incredibly friendly and a pleasure to work with, upholding a high level of professionalism throughout the process. I couldn't be more thrilled with the quality of the audiobooks, and highly recommend Desert Heart Recording Studio to anyone looking for top quality audio recording." Marlene Seven Bremner, Author of Hermetic Philosophy and Creative Alchemy


Just Say The Word! A Place For Voice Artists

Voice is our thing. Yours too? If you're a voice artist, you know that sometimes it's about saying it different. Sometimes it's about saying it faster, or slower, or with more zing, or less zing. However much zing you or your director thinks you need, it's fine with us! We'll record it, edit it, take out a breath here, put in a consonant there, sweeten the sound -- just "say the word."

"As a voice-over, commercial and narration producer, I have worked with Max H. on at least two dozen recording sessions. These sessions included recording and editing services to be done on-the-spot and without flaw. He has always risen to the occasion. Max is a joy to work with and his expertise in this field is enormous. I highly recommend Max and Desert Heart Studios for any recording, editing or mastering work as well as original music creation."  Bill Brooks, SuchaVoice Producer & Voice Coach


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