Backing Tracks For Singers

Custom Made Backing Tracks For Your Original Song Or Cover

Great sound doesn't happen by accident. But getting great sounding backing tracks for your vocals can be easier than you think. Let us help make it happen for you!

Whether You're Building A Song Or An Album...

We’ll put together all the tracks for you. We can handle all the arrangements, and get your song ready for you. Then you can record your vocals to your new tracks right in our studio. Once you're happy with your sound, we’ll mix it for you.

If You Need Backing Tracks for Live Performance...

We’ll record your backing tracks to your specifications and preferences. Then we'll give you a great mix to sing along with at your rehearsal or show.

Guitar tracks for singers

Just Fill Us In On What You Need

  1. Let's start with the best key for your voice. Tell us what key works for you. If you don't know, we'll help you figure it out.
  2. Pin down your style. Point us to some examples. Maybe you like the guitar sound from one song you've heard, and the beats from another. Or maybe you want it to sound just like the way your favorite artist does it. We can easily get on the same page by listening together to examples.
  3. Choose from our menu of instruments and sounds. Here's where you can control your budget and your production values. Go bare bones and get the minimum you need, or go all out and get something extra special.

Drum tracks for singers

Choose Instruments For Your Tracks (We can help you work that out.)

  • Guitar (acoustic, electric, single tracks, multiple tracks)
  • Keyboards (piano, organ, electric piano)
  • Bass (electric, fretless, upright, synth)
  • Drums & Percussion (acoustic drums, electric beats, shakers, what have you)
  • Backing Vocals
  • Synth Pads & Effects (the possibilities are endless)
  • Strings
  • Solo Cello, violin, flute, oboe, reeds, brass

Keyboard backing tracks for singers

Have Questions?

Don't be shy. We're friendly. Call us, and we'll answer them.

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